Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Vehicles
The Landau

The mean looking black car pursuing the interceptor in the opening chase is a Landau, similar to a Falcon XB, but released as a luxury model under the Ford LTD banner, and not marketed as part of the Falcon range. They were manufactured from 1973 to 1976, but very few were actually produced, and the car was not a great success commerically.

MM2OpeningChase.JPG (17341 bytes)

The design used a coupe body, with Australian LTD front sheet metal, grill, pop up lights, modified rear quarter window, and LTD interior. Specifications include a 351 4V engine, compression 8.9:1, and BHP 290 @ 5000 rpm as standard.

LandauFront.jpg (34725 bytes)
A standard Landau from the front...

LandauRear.jpg (29485 bytes)
...and from the rear. Thanks to Grant Opie for these photos.


LandauParked.jpg (58805 bytes)


Thanks to Grant Opie for his helpful info, and pictures.


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