Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Vehicles
Wrecks at Broken Hill

Interceptor wreck and F100 wreck at Broken Hill

If you scour Broken Hill and the surrounding area, as well as asking the right people, you will find that some of the vehicles that were used or wrecked in the film still reside there to this day. The above picture was taken in the late 1990's, where the vehicles had been left on display in an open paddock. The yellow Leyland P76 was apparently from a Paul Hogan commercial from the 1970's, filmed in Broken Hill. Next along you can see the red F100 tow truck, and finally the wreck of the Mad Max Interceptor - the stunt car that they rolled and burned.

Unfortunately, the vehicles above aren't quite so easy to find these days. Someone unfortunately decided to steal one of the large fuel tanks from the back of the wrecked interceptor around 1999, and as a result, the owner ended up removing the vehicles from display, and restricting access to the site. If you're reading this and you do have the missing tank (or know where it is), please return it. If you'd rather not front up there in person to return it, feel free to contact me. I will ensure that the tank is picked up and returned, from anywhere in Australia, and that your identity is not made known.

Below is a more recent picture from December 2006, sent in to me by Steffen Wienhold. Unfortunately the vehicles are still being left somewhat to the elements at this point - fingers cross that the owner sees fit to do a restoration sometime soon!

The vehicles above can also be seen pictured at the Back 2 The Max photo gallery. Note that there are also other Broken Hill residents around with bits and pieces kept from the film. They've kept the items for fans like you and me to visit and see, so if you do visit there, please search out all these things and take a look, but please also leave things exactly as you find them, for everyone else to see after you. The most obvious to find pieces are out at Silverton - be sure to check out the museum opposite the Silverton Hotel, where you will find the mechanics buggy. The Silverton Hotel itself also has much memorabilia within, as well as their replica Mad Max Interceptor outside, as shown below (thanks also to Steffen Wienhold for sending this pic in).

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