Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Vehicles
F100 Trucks

F100Cobra.jpg (28971 bytes)
George Miller and crew, filming Wez' leap from the red F100

Either F100's were cheap at the time, or they were just considered a good all purpose vehicle, but either way they used quite a few of them in Mad Max 2. Firstly there is the red F100, with the cobra doors, and the boat winshield. This is probably the most prominent F100 seen in the film, as pictured above. This body style was used in the US between 1967 and 1972, the truck above is probably a 1972 model.

F100Cobra.jpg (31181 bytes)

F100Humungous.jpg (20869 bytes)

Next there is Humungous' vehicle, which (so I'm told!) is also apparently F100 based, although obviously heavily modified. To trained eyes, apparently looking at the front end just inside the tyre gives it away.

F100Towtruck.jpg (21613 bytes)

As well as the more prominent vehciles mentioned above, there are also a few more F100 trucks to be found if you check out some of the other background vehicles. The vehicle above is either a 1971, 72 or 73 model. These three years all shared the same type of front metal clip, but the grill plastic was different, and because that's missing it's hard to identify this one exactly.

F100CameraSide.jpg (14070 bytes)  F100CameraRear.jpg (17669 bytes)
The F100 camera truck, from the side and the rear.

Last, but certainly not least, is the camera truck. Take a close look at the people and equipment loaded into the back of this one, and then spare a thought for the crew hanging on in the back of it while they filmed all those chase sequences!

Thanks to Bart Mangrum and Scott Harris for their additional info on the F100's.


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