Americanized Interceptor "Tribute"

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Re: Americanized Interceptor "Tribute"

Postby rustycarr » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:06 am

That Torino is awesome, id love to see more pics, is that a Mustang Mach one or Falcon Hood?
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Re: Americanized Interceptor "Tribute"

Postby the specialist » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:06 am

Yes there are a few people at present playing around with the Torino. Mainly because it has the closest look to the XB Falcon. But I got to admit that the Falcon is small in comparison to the Torino, mainly in length. I would not have thought so until I put the two next to each other. When I had my Interceptor over 35 years ago it felt like a large car, technically it is large compared to any of the Aussie cars in their day. my suggestion to you is to graft a modified original Mad max nose cone on to the front of the Torino. But shorten the fenders in front of the front wheel well to give it the look of the original. Also you will have to graft on a mustang hood vents. For the rear I would also shorten the rear section past the rear wheel wells. That will also give you the impression of a shorter car. It will be hard for most people to know the difference, especially over here. Also graft on the roof spoiler and rear trunk spoiler. Don't try and make them yourself unless you are skilled. This is where most guys make the mistake with the torinos. It is very important to get it right, it is very noticeable if you are wrong. I have a working Scott unit and also an original scott unit, I have all the dimensions for everything including the scoop. I have also folded up an original looking aluminum scoop to the exact dimensions.
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