Replica Immortan Joe's Mask For Sale

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Replica Immortan Joe's Mask For Sale

Postby Immortal Props » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:13 am


Look what I scavenged from the fallen warlord himself!

I first sculpted the entire mask out of Monster Clay, then made a silicone mold using Rebound 25 from Smooth-on. The mask itself is lightweight, impact-resistant resin (65D from Smooth-On), poured into the silicone mold. The mask is very durable, without being too heavy. It is great for wearing or as a display piece on your collector's shelf.

Each mask is hand painted by me, and takes about 2-3 hours. I make the leather straps using lightweight, but very durable saddle string leather. There are 2 buckles used to adjust the straps, allowing the mask to rest at any height and tightness around your head. This allows for ultimate comfort and options to ensure it fits you just right. I recommend tightening the straps so that the nose bridge of the mask is up between your eyes. This will alleviate any pressure of it resting on your nose, and if you look at the photos, Immortan Joe's mask is worn high on his face. This is how the mask's overall look was designed to be worn, and it will look the best on you if you aim for that positioning.

As you can see, the mouth/lower jaw area can open and close. I use high-strength magnets that I have embedded in the front teeth. This allows the mouth, when closed, to stay shut. If you want to pose the jaw open for photos, or to fit a straw up there and drink, you can! Simply use your hand and open the jaw to the desired position, and tension will hold it there until you shut it.

The hoses you see are real gas mask hoses, scavenged from retired Russian gas masks. These seem to match his hoses the best from the movie. I only provide the 2 grey hoses you see in the photos, the black hoses will have to be rounded up by you. I have seem them for sale on e-bay from several vendors. If you're willing to spend a little time looking I'm sure you can find a pair that fits just right. The size of the hose opening seems to be fairly standard.

Finally, I have attached 1/2 inch thick, high-density foam for comfort on the inside of the mask. There is a piece on the nose bridge and lower jaw/cheek areas. This helps the mask situate on your face better, without the irritation. The resin can easily be lightly sanded and more padding added if so desired.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little walk through of my process and for viewing the photos. Please share this with your friends and anyone you think might like to see this completed work. I do sell these masks as well through my etsy shop. I have 4 different options available, ranging from unpainted with no hoses, to the one you see in the photos here. If interested, please check out my shop! Link is just below:

Photo Sep 23, 12 12 46 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 12 12 46 PM.jpg (112.64 KiB) Viewed 1174 times
Photo Sep 23, 12 13 45 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 23, 12 13 45 PM.jpg (142.68 KiB) Viewed 1174 times
Photo Sep 23, 12 16 32 PM.jpg
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