Forza Motorsports 4 Xbox 360 (review)

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Forza Motorsports 4 Xbox 360 (review)

Postby lord humungus » Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:34 pm

Forza Motorsports 4.

For those familure with the Forza franchise,there isn't anything I could say that would change your views of the series. As it is I am only barely aquainted with the fancise myself because it is not just a racing game, but it's an artistic game where one can choose the paint schemes and make their own decals for cars from all over the world and accross many car manufactures. It has always had very solid racing feel to the game and a look that set it apart from rivals "need for speed" and "gran tourismo", the decal and painting options also set the game apart from your average racer. Forza 4 doesn't set out to simply set itself apart from the competion,it seeks to destroy it.

Now I am not here to start flame wars over which game is better then which,I can only explain to you what my experience with Forza 4 has been and talk about one of the many cars people on this forum actualy care about. And I won't dissapoint you when talking about this game. But if all I do is stand here and talk about the holdens or the ford falcons then most of you won't have a feel for what this title is truely capable of...and that's a shame.

Don't Fix what isn't Broken! Forza has always excelled at ingame models and showing off your handy work when making cars with decals or paint jobs. turn 10 has made sure that the game doesn't walk too far away from what's kept it going strong for race fans. but if you think forza is only about painting and racing then you should really listen up.

Forza 4 goes very much above and beyond with this ambitious title. not only can you customize the paint and can fine tune the car by hand,swop out car parts,upgrade or downgrade your cars and really make these beasts your own. but it doesn't stop there. Forza has an autovista mode where by you can explore your favorite cars in the showroom and learn quiet a bit about the cars themselves,maybe even learning things you never know about them.

you have challenge modes in autovista which unlock more cars or even unlock bonus cars like the halo warthog (complete with a cortana voice over by the actualy voice actress.) you can do a world tour or you can do event lists that are suited for the car you have or one in your garage. they've also upped the number of layers you can use on the cars to 1,000 layers...much more then the 500 you get with games like modnation racers. the game look beautiful and the cars look like they are actualy inside the enviornment which makes a lot of difference for presentation.

BUT HOW DOES IT PLAY? well you can play with different diffiuclty leveles which up the competitiveness of the A.I. but if you're like me you kinda suck at highly technical racing...Forza doesn't leave us out of the fun. you can very easily make this game into an arcade racer and worry about the tech levels of driving pro and get through the game. yes you don't get as many credits on the more arcade modes but it's still makes it fun and ,more importantly, it makes the game more accessable to everyone no matter your skill level. I found earning or buying cars to be a blast and Have had a hard time putting the game down.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TRACKS? what about them? most are a blast to play and they looks georgeous...which compliments the cars.

now I'd like to talk about the ford be honest with you I haven't had the pleasure of driving one myself in person so I cannot speak on it's performance in the game...but the steeringwheel is on the correct side and she is a blast to drive. I think fans of mad max and racing fans alike will find a lot of fun with the falcons.

there is so much more to this game I haven't fully played with so I cannot comment on them but from what I've seen on Youtube videos,these other features are very nice.

it's hard to speak ill of this game because it is so beautiful,plays very well on the xbox,and sounds great playing it.

if you like making some of the worlds greatest cars your own then you don't need me to say this is a must buy. but if you not so into the racing thing then well there isn't much I can say other then this game can play like an arcade racer which made it loads more fun for me. it's great game for the gear heads but it's fun for those who aren't so into cars as us blokes here on the forums. The only thing I would say would put this game over the egde would be a track editor. but as it stands this game is not perfect but it's so close it's scary.
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