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modnation racer.

Postby lord humungus » Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:21 pm

game site's found here.

normaly i wouldn't post but i'm seeing great potential in this game based off two screens i've found.

good base for lord humungus Image

good parts for the badcops aka gayboy bezerkers Image

now as for the costumes i've seen things that look like they are stapled on and one guy even put a crown on his chin which again sudgests major abilites to customize the characters look and add to these custom costumes.

but it gets better. they have a desert that looks close to the one in the outback...not the same vegitation mind you. but you can make your own tracks very easily using the control sticks. so making the roads in road warrior would be not so hard to do you could even do some locations from mad max itself. but you can't place cars in the level which kinda sucks. and no 3d modeling for those with my skill set so making the compound wouldn't be very easy either as they have prefab houses.

the cars have a big level of customization but from what i've seen so far there is only so much you can bolt on so a little bit of improvinzation will have to do but the decal system is amazing and could easily make the paint and decals from the the cars we know and love in the movies.

besides i've written to the studio's and if they are anything like the people who do LittleBig Planet they'll shoot me back some small answers that they can reveal. there are all sorts of classes of vechiles to use as carts from vans to semi-trucks to your basic ameican v8's so it should be interesting to see what we can and can't do when it comes out later this year.

but wait there is more. hopefuly if nothing else my writting to them in a formal manner will spark their imagination to try to get the liscense for either australian muscle or movie cars. because there is always talk of expansion packs and i figure if big planets still going this strong 2 years in then surely these people will keep updating the game in ways we can't even imagine...maybe even ingame modeling.

well thought i'd share i am stoked and will be buying this despite the lack of ingame modeling because i know i can make do thanks to the youtube videos i've seen of beta testers bolthing things onto their cars.
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Re: modnation racer.

Postby lord humungus » Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:16 pm

modnation racers ps3/psp. the mini review.

this won't be written in any traditional formats nore will it really be all that long cause mad max forum users will only want to know one thing. "is it mad max?" and after spending almost a month with the game i'll give you the bear minimum to tell you why or why not to buy this game from a mad max fans opinion. that means no spin and no corprate or game company perks to grease the wheels. so without further aduex here's my reviews.

honestly don't waste your money. yes the default kart is very much in line with the body of an ford falxon xb but to be honest with you that's as far as the simularites go.
the racing is easier to get through,but the parts and kart bodies are hard to unlock and will most likely result in you seeking out gamesaves to get the final parts and bodies.
as for customization sure you can paint how you want to paint a car but when it comes right down to being able to actualy graft parts onto the karts you can only place so much in a pre designated place. it is by no means "exactly like the ps3 version only portable." as the exects would tell you.

final verdict: for a game where the dev's have thrown around the words mad max in many a video this game fails misseribly about all you'll get out of this title is a portable paint studio and that's not worth the price of admission. as a non-mad max racer it's racing isn't as frustrating.


Never in my life have i played a game that offered so much and yet gave so little. the game was billed as a racer with deep customization and in reality it fails at both.

customization: it's much deeper then the psp edition in that you have more objects and can place them virtualy anywhere but the types of objects you can have and the types of wheels you can have and so much more is limited and you have a set amount of things you can put onto one car making even faking the extra parts of a mad max car pretty much null and void. and with limited car bodies it even further hinders the mad max car or truck makers abilites.

the racing: for a game that's aimed more for kids but built to grow on adults the racing is where the game truely falls apart. the a.i. is so unbalanced that some races will be a breeze to get through while others will litterly see you in 1st place on the last lap on the home stretch only to be chain attacked with powerups causing you to stand still while the rest of the racers beat you to the finish line. it's more blind luck that you beat a race then actual skill. i haven't thrown a controler in years...aww mario, but i was cursing up a storm throwing my controler as if i was back in the badly programed 8-bit days. and this is a game for kids!!

in the end i again had to use game saves on the ps3 to unlock all the parts and karts in order to have the games full capabilites to create only to be saked with limitations that should not exist thus dashing my hopes for a mad max kart racer i could call my own.

final verdict: while the customizaton was deeper in the ps3 version it manged to fail about both customization and racing,when that's your main thing you know this game has problems. a lot of which could be solved with patches but as of this review none have surfaced to fix these main issues. as a mad max game it too sadly fails.

look if you are into car culture and want to really trick out your ride there is some fun to be had with modnation racers. but if you looking for a way to make mad max style characters,tracks and carts then you best wait to see if motorstorm apocalypse is all that or just another mad max cock tease. as in only for the truely masocistic at heart.
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