Beasts of War and Gaming Mad Max: Fury Road

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Beasts of War and Gaming Mad Max: Fury Road

Postby owenmp » Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:36 pm

Beasts of War has a posted a great video discussing how to convert Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other 1/64 miniature vehicles for gaming Mad Max: Fury Road. Also discussed in the video is a mini contest to design a beer-and-pretzel set of rules for gaming Mad Max: Fury Road using the converted miniatures shown in the video.

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Beasts of War Video Blog
June 06, 2015

Mad Max Update (Starts at Time Point 39:00)

The guys have also started having fun dreaming up cool Mad Max vehicles and digging out some Micro Machines in 20mm scale. Maybe we should stage a Game Designer Challenge for the rules?

We also take a look at some superb projects being worked on by community member robsaunders which you can follow HERE. ... e-toy-cars

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Beasts of War
May 28, 2015

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