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1:18 scale greenlight Fury Road conversion

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:52 pm
by mahenoguy
I was trying to build an evolution of the interceptor diorama ( see thread of same name ) in 1:24 scale based on the Aoshima kits . The cost of the kits had me stalling until the new Greenlight 1:24 scale MM1 version came out , only to be sadly disappointed with the quality . The 1:18 scale Greenlight version look pretty awesome though and as i had already pre ordered the new Autoart tuned version I decided to buy the much cheaper model as well and convert it into the Fury Road edition .
first I stripped all the fittings and paint off and as the boot ( trunk ) doesn't open on this model i had to cut out the lid with a Dremel cutting tool . I molded on the poorly fitting roof spoiler with car putty then painted the whole thing a rust base colour . The lower panels where masked off as per the movie and the rest sprayed with a thick coat of satin black. this well represents the sun bleached finish of the original and when the masks are removed leaves a realistic raised edge around the chipped paint .The tank , drums and jerry cans are all metal , the Later being 4X4 RC accessories and the tanks being cut from various brass tubes with their ends soldered from brass sheet . I still have some clutter to add to the interior but the Interceptor evolution is now complete ( eerrr .... except for the razor cola , but that's a future post ) albeit it in a different scale to what i started in . will post more picks when i get around to a base and case for it

Re: 1:18 scale greenlight Fury Road conversion

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:56 pm
by mahenoguy
and a couple more.....