MM2 Crazies Costume Help *UPDATED*

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MM2 Crazies Costume Help *UPDATED*

Postby Modern Wastelander » Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:09 pm

Planning on doing a cosplay of a "smegma crazy" as this site calls them ... rettyPhoto for the release of Fury Road. I need some more specific information than the website gives.

The biggest thing I can't tell on is the boots. Are they short boots with canvas leggings, or are they just tall canvas topped boot? It's hard to get a good frame anywhere.

I think the rest of the outfit I can put together with some creativity. Hunting down some canvas gaiters for the arm covers, found the face cover, looking for a P37 uniform set for that, and I'm getting the Mauser bandoleer set. A knowledgeable person will notice the differences from the movie, but it will be close enough for an opening night costume.

This will be my first cosplay of any type so I really need a bit of help. These guys aren't held in frame all that often so I can't get much detail. I'm guessing most of it is Australian military equipment. Anyone done one of these outfits before?

Updated because I've located a lot of items that will work in stand-in. Only thing I can't get is what those darn boots are. I'm thinking of just getting some short boots and using a pair of WWI canvas leggings I've got.
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