Razor Cola screaming skull

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Razor Cola screaming skull

Postby DeLano80 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:08 pm

Hello! First post here. I will be trying to replicate this skull from Mad Max Fury Road. It is on Mad Max's car that has been turned into the "Razor Cola". It should not be too difficult but was wondering if anyone could help me with the parts. Obviously there is steel banding and wire. The small rivets I believe are solid domed rivets. The bigger ones I am not to sure of. I know there is a metal ring on the back holding the bands together. It has been suggested to me the pieces that hold the lower jaw on are turnbuckle bodies and I believe that is correct. I have a replica skull coming but it is a modern human skull. I and a few others think that it is actually a Neanderthal hominid skull replica sold by Skullduggery. The skull used is a bit squatter than it ought to be and the brow is more pronounced. I was hoping someone her might have more details about this or maybe even know who made it.
Thanks for looking!
Sorry I don't know who's picture this is. If someone wants credit, let me know!
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