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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 12:28 pm
by blackmocco
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That hallowed Mecca of all things fantastic, CREATURE FEATURES in Los Angeles, is holding a long overdue MAD MAX themed group art show and gallery in August! Here's the blurb:

In 1979, George Miller drastically altered the cinematic landscape with the introduction of MAD MAX. Miller and producer Byron Kennedy turned their scrappy low-budget exploitation effort into a raging global phenomenon, introducing audiences to its unique post-apocalyptic setting, ferocious white-line stuntwork, and the bravado performance of then-rookie actor Mel Gibson.

And if MAD MAX lit the fuse, THE ROAD WARRIOR exploded with a fury that has burned strong enough to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its U.S. release this year, plus spawning two more sequels: MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME, and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD -- which garnered ten Oscar nods, including Best Picture, and won six.

This summer, Creature Features goes hell on wheels in celebrating the lauded franchise with this group art show featuring our blazing group of talented artists from every corner of the pop culture universe -- comics, animation, visual FX, make-up FX, production design, fine art, and more.

Submissions open now at!

Artists include:
Abbybelle • AlohaJenn • John Banh • Ryan Bartlett • Tom Baxa • Christine Benjamin • BigToe • Mark Borgions • David Boudreau • Mick Cassidy • Chogrin • Emily Connell • Mark Covell • Ken Daly • Joe Daniello • Eric Diaz • Zohn Dyer • Kaya Dzankich • John Eaves • Ulises Fariñas • Craig Fraser • D.W. Frydendall • Art Fuentes • Matthew Gallagher • Robert Heckman • Josh Hickman • Jason Jones • Megan Kelly • Erik Kling • Patrick Kochakji • Sierra Lewis • Dani Manning • Carlos Martinez • Ciro Nieli • J. Michael O'Brien • Eric October • Victoria Orolfo • Pye Parr • Luke Preece • Jeff Rebner • Aleksey Rico • Frau Sakra • Martin Schlierkamp • Carlos Sierra • Amber Skowronski • Ray Smyth • Ethan Spaulding • Todd Spence • Eileen Steinbach | SG Posters • Mark Tavares • Eric Tengren • Kevin Tiernan • Joe Vaux • Zack Wallenfang • Trevor Zammit
-- and more to be added!

Admission to the opening reception: $5 (includes post apocalyptic appetizers and beverages, classic cars from the MAD MAX universe, cataclysmic cosplaying, and much more!