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OldTown Festival

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 8:00 am
by OldTownFestival
Hi, guys!

We are a group of enthusiasts responsible for creating the largest post-apocalyptic event in Europe. For 11 years, our festival has been continuously gathering more and more fans of the genre, and now we decided to share our passion with the whole world. Our team of 50 people works all year long to prepare OldTown, so we could meet together, for that one week, with the participants of the event in a city built on the ruins of a civilization destroyed by nuclear war.

This year, as always, we want to push it to a whole new level, even further towards pure wasteland madness. That’s why we’ve just started our Kickstarter campaign. You can help us by sharing information about the campaign on your website, in social media - everywhere. Such aid would be an invaluable form of contribution to our efforts. Our festival is fully prepared to be visited by people from abroad - we provide LARP and other festival attractions in English.
If you'd decide to share info about us with your friends, here's an example of the content you can use:

“OldTown is the largest post-apocalyptic festival in Europe. For 11 years fans of this genre have been meeting at an abandoned airport in the north-west of Poland. The event opens with a 72-hour LARP, and then countinues for 2 days, so participants can try their hand at creating their own art, crafting, sports or go wild at all-night parties. The team that organizes this event has just launched their Kickstarter campaign ... tival-2015.”

Of course, if you enjoy our idea, we’d be delighted if you also come to OldTown yourself!

Greetings and we hope to see you in July!
Hanna Sienkiewicz