The Road Warrior

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The Road Warrior

Postby madmax_00uk » Sun Apr 21, 2002 7:46 pm

Does anyone know what happened to the surviving vehicles from The Road Warrior after they were in the film and used in any promotional work??? I know that most of the cars were destroyed in the final chase scene, but what about the rest??? "The last of the V8 interceptors, be a shame to blow it up"

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The Road Warrior

Postby Peter Barton » Mon Apr 22, 2002 12:53 am

There was an auction in Broken Hill after the film, and it is my understanding that most of the vehicles (even the wrecked ones) were sold as part of that auction. Many of them had the running gear removed, and sold as separate lots. I guess they figured that either people wouldn't want to buy the custom bodies, or the producers just didn't want people being let loose in the Mad Max vehicles as is.

I would suspect that a number of the vehicles are still around, but I've only been able to track a small number of them. The original interceptor was sold at this auction, and is now at Cars of the Stars. The second interceptor and the Cobra F100 were sold and were still in Broken Hill until a few years back, see the "wrecks" page:

The Valiant coupe that Max Aspin jumps was still up there at the Emu Farm until recently, although that has apparently now closed. See Welcome Wherever for a bit of a look at that one.

Papagallo's vehicle ended up at a go kart track (not 100% sure how it got there), and was eventually re-used in Thunderdome.

As we said with the Mack's, one was wrecked, one was resold as just a standard Mack.

Wez' bike is apparently at Planet Hollywood in New Zealand (check the pages for all these vehicles by the way, all this info is pretty much listed).

Many of the remaining vehicles were obliterated in the movie (Red XA Coupe, Torana, Landau, Desoto, Humungous, ZG Fairlane). I think that only leaves the Monaro, the Statesman and the red Charger unaccounted for. The Statesman was basically stripped anyway, I'd be surprised if that survived, but the other two were pretty neat cars and basically undamaged (from what we see on screen anyway), so who knows what happened to them. There's also all the vehicles that the compound people left in, mostly standard unmodified cars, some of these probably survived too, but given that they were largely standard models you probably wouldn't find them too easily.

Did we miss anything?
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The Road Warrior

Postby MFP1 » Mon May 13, 2002 9:48 pm

I am not totally sure how accurate this info is, but I have heard from a fairly reliable source that a blue and white right hand drive VW camper bus (seen only breefly in the compound, and not ever shown leaving) was purchaced from someone in n=New Zealand, and shipped to the USA (Seattle, WA where I live). I have cross checked with someone else who knows the "supposed owner" and it seems that this "Dot Com" Multi-Millionare, is an avid collector of MM1 and MM2 items, possesing costumes, props, and more.... I have also wondered "where are they now" regarding many vehicles (especially the MM ones), it would make a cool book or documentery to follow the history of the cars from manufacture to their final resting places.
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