How to Visit Mad Max 2 sites on location from Sydney.

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How to Visit Mad Max 2 sites on location from Sydney.

Postby Dave_H » Mon Jun 28, 1999 1:47 pm


Ive been checking out the location list on this page for MM2 (broken hill NSW) and have put some effort into finding out options for travelling to broken hill from Sydney where I live.

here they are:

1) drive. Using a map provided on I have tabulated the times and distances in this map, which breaks the distance down into segments. (email me for a copy) With no stops, the time taken will be 14 (13.92) hours and the distance is 1160 kms. I would factor in a couple of hours extra for stops, traffic, an decent overnight stop to break up the trip would also be wise. I would also factor less time if you plan to speed and avoid the evil revenue raising NSW cops. Remember kids, there IS such a thing as safe speeding.

The cost would be fuel, overnight accomadation (15 bucks for caravan park up) and the tapes you buy to keep you interested on those long straight (wasteland) highways.

2) fly. I got a quote from flight centre travel agents with some internal carrier associated with Ansett. Cost? 400 bucks return! Hmmmm. This price is for booking a month or 2 ahead. I would hate to see what its like for standby. I think the flight only takes about an hour and a half though.

3 Train/coach. go to Country Link ( then timetables and fares) and input the day and broken hill info. This option includes an XPT (fast train) ride to dubbo and a "frasers coach" ride from dubbo to broken hill. It takes 15 hours and 20 mins, of which 6 hours 30 mins is on a train, 20 mins is spent changing and 8 hours 30 mins is spent on a coach. Cost for one way trip? $102 economy, or $120 for 1st class train seats. Therefore $204 - $240 plus train food.

I saw a mention of a broken hill/griffith train but I couldn't find any more info about these services... useless!.

4 Indian pacific. I checked out the website ( but I couldn't find anything about syndey to broken hill only. Im sure though I saw on some travel show that you could do that...

For anyone who was interested, I hope this helps

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