Whats your lucky find?

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Whats your lucky find?

Postby roadwarriormfp » Sat Oct 06, 2007 11:31 pm

Well I tried to post this before but it didnt work... so here i go again.

Over the past few years i have managed to come across what you could call... rare and expensive XB parts at the local dump recycle shop. Since 2000 i have managed to find:

A near mint XB GS grill... only one crack in it.... $5

An XB centre console for a manual.... $5

A near mint XB superfringe AM radio with facia.... $5

A set of GT driving lights mounted to XC brackets... (the reflectors need re-chroming and needs one new lens)... $5

But today took the cake.... I did the most neck breaking double take when i saw a familier sized gauge hiding under some other junk.....


Yes u guessed it... $5 ! be easy to renumber too....

And in a non-car related "good find".... There a was newish looking DELL computer tower. I opened the case up and saw it was intact and got it for $10 !.... After reloading windows... it works... a P4 2.6GHz computer with 256meg of ram, dual hard drives, NVIDIA graphics card, surround sound card by the looks of it, LAN @ modem card and CD burner.... Probably stolen maybe???

So has anyone come across and "great finds" at their local tip.... or swap meet ? And the item has to be rare... and relativly cheap!
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