Whats your lucky find?

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Whats your lucky find?

Postby roadwarriormfp » Sat Oct 06, 2007 11:10 pm

Well today i went to the local dump to see what i could find in the recycle shop.

I am a bit of a scrounger when it comes to these places, ever since they opened the "recycle shop" at all the local tips.
Over the past few years i have found what i call... an amazing amount of "expensive" XB parts there.

My first find was a near MINT XB GS grill..... with just one crack ! This was in 2000.... Cost $5 !

Next was an XB centre console for a manual .... $5

A MINT XB superfringe AM radio with facia plate and intact wiring.... $5

A set of GT drivings light mounted on XC driving light mounts.... (Needs the reflector part re-chromed and one new lens) but other wise fine ...$5

And today I did a the biggest neck snapping double take ! A familier shaped gauge caught my eye as it was partially hidden under a mound of junk......


Though obviously is an air pressure gauge... it will be easy to renumber the face.

Oh yea... the price.... $5 !

What auto-motive treasures have you guys come across? It doesnt have to be Ford related, so long as the parts are "rare" and "expensive" Or gotten from swap meets.... ?
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