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mad max rid day

Postby zaczed » Wed Aug 11, 2004 1:07 pm

we at the zowners motorcycle club are having a 25th anniversary mad max ride

if anyones interested in coming along pleasa contact max at

Those attending the 25th anniversary Mad Max Ride Day[/font]

Pls go to our web site[/font]

And click on the :click here to register online:[/font]

Fill in the details and sumbmit this will give us an idea of the numbers don't forget to click on Member box[/font]

i met the owner of the laundau at the winternationals and asked if hed like to come along to this day with the mad max cars the yellow cop car the black interceptor and the laundau [/font]

it would be fantastic if you could come and bring the cars with you [/font]

any way contact sane max at the above address [/font]

thanks zac[/font]
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