Too many bullet and cgi in fury road...?

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Re: Too many bullet and cgi in fury road...?

Postby umeboshe » Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:38 pm

Really nice links thanks.

Lolo_maxtheroadwarior wrote:I love this movie and with time I've seen a lot of fan found in FR there was too much CGI comparer to the original trilogy and too much bullet used in gunfight compared to MM2 where the bullets was a rare recourse. What is your opinion about this ?

Love this film too and think that it's the best post-apocalyptic movie out there. Regarding CGI, as some have already mentioned, most are unnoticeable and because of the current times CGI is almost a necessity when it comes to sci-fi films. Not so sure about the bullets thing though, but reading from the comments some does make sense. I just thought that since everything relied on violence for survival then it's just natural that guns and bullets would be just as important as food, if not more important to some. But yeah, fury road is awesome.
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