The Fate Of Jessie..and the two graves

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The Fate Of Jessie..and the two graves

Postby scfc68 » Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:58 am

Anyone definitively clear this up.

Its implied that at the end of Mad Max that she survives and the boy dies BUT at the end of MM2 in the prologue we see Max at two graves, so did she die in between the two movies possibly of another incident?? Or did Miller retcon and change it so that Jessie did indeed die at the end of Mad Max??

Also the graves don't look like a conventional graveyard do they?? They look like something Max would have done himself?? But then again surely the authorities would have buried Sprog..and Jessie if she did indeed die at the same time? Also would Max have marked the graves with crosses if he did bury them himself?? Faith in the wasteland?! I doubt it somehow. Anyway I thought he kept going into the wasteland after killing Johnny The Boy didn't he so how did he attend any cemetery if it is a cemetery?

Im really confused by this despite being a fan for 35 years and multiple watches; I just cant quite work it out unless as I said its a little retcon on Miller's part.

The book written by Edwin Page confuses me too, as according to the fan fiction present in it, Jessie didn't lose an arm and definitely didn't die after MM1.

Apologies if this was done elsewhere but Im still confused by it all :roll:
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Re: The Fate Of Jessie..and the two graves

Postby tehCal » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:35 am

She survived the accident long enough to be taken to hospital, but Max overhears the doctors saying she has virtually no chance of living.
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Re: The Fate Of Jessie..and the two graves

Postby rockatansky4073 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:15 pm

Yeah they both died - obviously Jessie later, maybe even that night.

I got the impression from the two graves that Max did that. He made those graves.
Let's not forget it wasn't a conventional society and close to the end of it all, so maybe you could do what you want? maybe shit's gotten too severe to worry about petty things like where someone wants to bury their family.
I'm thinking after Max finished with the gang, he headed back to society and had their bodies handed over to him.

It's suspected that the war started only a week or 2 after part 1 anyway, so after that he took off to the wasteland to escape the cities carnage - after all, a cop would be a big target.
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