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Grant Page hournered

Postby roadwarriormfp » Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:39 pm ... nt/6768896

Veteran Australian stuntman Grant Page honoured for 'lifetime achievement' in film, television production
By Nick Dole

Updated yesterday at 2:15pm
Grant Page does not think his death-defying stunts are extraordinary.

The 76-year-old said nearly anyone could perform them, if they were not held back by their chronic "fear of the unknown".

"We live in such an overprotective society," Page said.
The world's greatest stunt performers

As legendary Australian stunt performer Grant Page is honoured in this year's Lifetime Achievement Awards, take a look at some other successful stunt men and women — and their breathtaking performances.

With more than 200 productions to his name including Mad Max and Police Rescue, stuntman Page will be honoured on Monday with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Equity Foundation.

"It sounds like something you'd put on your headstone," he joked.

He coordinated and performed many of the stunts for Mad Max himself, featuring complex chase scenes, car accidents and explosions.

The veteran film stuntman is not encouraging anyone to run in front of a speeding car or set themselves on fire, but he thinks parents need to let their children take more risks.

"Our children, we're filling them with so much fear. They're afraid of so much, they don't do anything," Page said.

Stuntman Grant Page in Mad Max
Photo: Grant Page drives a car through a caravan on the film Mad Max. (Supplied)

He later became a commando.

"That became two and a half years of the best instruction in how to expand beyond the limitations society puts on your performance," Page said.

Despite the potential for injuries, the stuntman has only ever broken one bone.

Ironically, he suffered the injury commuting to the set of Mad Max.

"A bloody truck hit me on the way out, I never got there. If I'd got to the stunt I would have been safe," he laughed.

Page said he conquered many of his fears taking risks on play equipment as a child.

Stuntman Grant Page on fire
Photo: Grant Page says he has an acute understanding of how much heat his body can stand after being set on fire multiple times. (Supplied: Gulliver Page)

Page said the secret to a good stunt was to make it look dangerous, while eliminating as much risk as possible.

"If we do a stunt and I'm involved in a car job, I will have checked every driver, I will have checked every vehicle," he said.

"I'm going to know it's safe."

While he has coordinated stunts for actors including Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan, Page has also had his own starring role in the 1970s TV series Danger Freaks.

Stuntman Grant Page on Police Rescue
Photo: Grant Page on the set of the TV series Police Rescue in Sydney. (Supplied)

He also performed stunts on the Don Lane Show, when he was hit by a car and knocked unconscious during a stunt gone wrong.

After being set on fire multiple times in controlled environments, Page gained an acute understanding of how much heat his body could tolerate.

"When you put a saucepan of water on the stove, it doesn't heat up immediately," he said.

"It's the same with the body."

Page is still performing stunts and admits his body is taking longer to "bounce back", but he has no plans for retirement.

"There's no such thing as too old," he said.
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Re: Grant Page hournered

Postby PacificMuscle » Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:09 am

I had the pleasure of attending the Equity Award ceremony presenting my old mate Grant Page with the Lifetime Achievement Award at Fox Studios last night.

A Fox soundstage converted into function room for the night was brimming over with the engine room of the Australian Film Industry ... and me :lol: A lot of love and respect for Grant in the room.

An amazing event with beamed in speeches by George Miller and Brian Trechard-Smith and live tributes from Rolf De Heer and Mel Gibson. A staggering 'yarn' from an indigenous friend of Grant's who spoke of him as a Wedgetail eagle totem respected by her mob. After the obligatory showreel ... narrated by Jack Thompson no less ... covering just a dozen of Grant's 200 film and TV credits four stuntmen abseiled out of the studio gantry and recreated a fight scene from the Man From Hong Kong culminating in Grant's son Leroy setting himself on fire.

A fantastic and fitting tribute to one of the good .. nay great ... guys of the Australian Film Industry.

Grants unbounded generosity of spirit and time to emerging filmmakers and film school students over the last 20 years always staggered me. His enthusiasm and stunt philosophy have been passed on to a whole new generation.

I felt privileged to be invited to be there to celebrate the occasion.

Even met Joanne Samuels and Roger Ward and had a chat with Immortan Joe.

Top night all round.


Leroy drops in to congratulate his Dad.


grant responds

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Re: Grant Page hournered

Postby roadwarriormfp » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:53 pm

Wouldve been a great night!
These guys are aussie legends indeed.
Grant is in his mid 70s and still looks like he is ready to go out there and smash a few cars up.. :D
A man living life to the fullest, im envious!
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