Mad Max 2 and Chocolate

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Mad Max 2 and Chocolate

Postby owenmp » Sun May 24, 2015 4:56 pm

The comments made about this Mad Max 2 clip posted on YouTube should make this forum's users smile.

Mad Max Road Warrior - Beginning without intro
lurdusami on YouTube
January 19, 2010

smokeybirdman 4 months ago
Was Max mad cause he needed a Snickers?

Yoseph Ahmad 1 month ago
nope, his wife and child were ran over :p

mwells219 1 week ago
+Yoseph Ahmad I bet he still wanted a Snickers though.

GlasgowBlueBear1690 1 week ago
There's always time for a Snickers, even when you're mad.

Mike Anthony 1 week ago
+smokeybirdman Dude, in the Wasteland everyone needs a Snickers. The dog. The birds. The lizards. Hell, even the Interceptor could do with a Snickers. If the people on that truck had a Snickers, they would have been able to fight the marauders off. "Walk away. Walk away and we will spare your lives. Leave the Snickers and walk away."

psychoclownboy 3 days ago
+Mike Anthony Leave the pump . . . the OIL . . . the whole compound and I spare you lives. Oh, and leave the chocolate bars, too.

There was a Snickers commercial with Danny Trejo mixing The Brady Bunch and Machete. Will there be Snickers commercial with Mad Max, Mad Max 2, or Mad Max: Fury Road footage someday? :mrgreen:
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