New Japanese Blu-ray set

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New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby Peter Barton » Sun May 17, 2015 3:48 am

I was browsing Amazon Japan earlier to see if there was anything released for Fury Road, and came across this. ... trdvd01-22

What I found interesting (apart from Fury Road being translated into Anger of Death Road), was the contents list - translation pasted below. There are TV versions listed for all films, I'm curious if the Mad Max 2 version will be a release of the "Lost Version", I'm even more curious about the 1982 TV version for Mad Max. It could turn out that they're just different voice dubbings (some of the text seems to be implying that), or maybe it has Rollin Into The Night over the end credits or something. It is released next month, I've pre-ordered one, will let you all know what it contains when it arrives.

Contents Introduction
"Mad Max anger of Death Road" theatrical release Anniversary Edition!

Appearance masterpiece series in the near future action violence is powered up!

Original Max "Yasuhara Yoshito" dub unified version included!
Moreover name dub "Hirotaka Suzuoki" phantom version also included!
Audio commentary, steel book, Art card collection, all Japan only original specification!

● Add new content included!
And new recording Japanese dub:
<Original Max> Yasuhara Yoshito edition (2015 newly recorded)
"Mad Max 2" and "Mad Max / Thunderdome"

And new recording Japanese dub:
<Phantom name dub> Hirotaka Suzuoki edition (1991 TBS)
"Mad Max 2"

And new recording audio commentary:
<Original Max> Yasuhara Yoshito × <cartoonist-dub lovers> taking Miki talk
"Mad Max"

● Japan limited steel book specification
● Japan limited benefits
Original Mini Poster ("Mad Max 2") (size: 320 × 212 / mm)
Original Art Card Collection (six)
Original post card ("Death load of Mad Max anger")

● Limited production

[Mad Max] 1979 production

■ Contents
Japan TV version (1982 broadcast)
Max (Mel Gibson) ... Yoshito Yasuhara
Jesse (Joanne Samuel) ... Munakata Tomoko
Toe cutter (Hugh Keith Byrne) ... Sakaguchi KaoruSada
Jim Goose (Steve Bizure) ... Takashi Toyama

■ new recording!
Supercharger version (2015 production)
Yasuhara Yoshito × taking Miki audio commentary

Masterpiece in the near future violence that has pushed the Mel Gibson suddenly to stardom.
Near future after a few years that assault murder of heinous motorcycle gangs occur frequently. Max retired police in the death of the partner an opportunity to go on a journey of family and rest.
But in Toccata over led by motorcycle gang group on the road, the beloved, would have been killed the wife and children. Max vindictive mind, for the motorcycle gang
I bought a development has been tracked dedicated patrol car (interceptor) to, go launch a fierce fight with just one person!
epic stuntman death theory is also more realistic car action out flying beauty has become a hot topic.


[Mad Max 2] 1981 production

■ Contents
Supercharger version (2015 production) / TBS version (1991 broadcast) / TV Asahi edition (1997 broadcast)
Max (Mel Gibson) ... Yasuhara Yoshito / Hirotaka Suzuoki / Yamadera Koichi
Gyro Captain (Bruce Spence) ... Tadano 曜平 / Takeshi Aono / Ushiyama Shigeru
Pappagaro (Mike Preston) ... Goda Hozumi / Wakamoto Norio / moat Katsuyuki Yu
Human Gas (Kell Nilsson) ... Tezuka Hideaki / ShimaKaoruHiroshi / Bakujin
Wes (Panon Wells) ... Kurosawa Takeshi / Ryūzaburō Ōtomo / Wakamoto Norio

■ new recording!
Supercharger version (2015 production)
TBS version version (1991 broadcast)

! "Mad Max" series 2nd that that man came back to scale up.
Max who lost family, had been wandering in search of gasoline along with the strongest machine (interceptor).
Oil becomes valuables at the outbreak of the Middle East war, fierce scramble is secondary in many places. Eventually Max and people to protect the oil base
Encountered in motorcycle gang of conflict. I asked to escape to another world gasoline to conditions, go challenging in lonely hard battle with again runaway group.
Published title in America, "THE ROADWARRIOR".


[Mad Max / Thunderdome] 1985 production

■ Contents
Supercharger version (2015 production) / Fuji TV version (1988 broadcast)
Max (Mel Gibson) ... Yasuhara Yoshito / Okamoto Fujita
Aunti entity (Tina Turner) ... Kazuki Miyu Nozomi / Sawada Toshiko
The Master (Angelo Roshitto) ... Goto Tetsuo / Nagai Ichiro
Deal Good (Edwin Hodgeman) ... Toru Okawa / chikao ōtsuka
Piggukira (Robert Grubb) ... Hiroshi Iwasaki / Naya Rokuro

■ new recording!
Supercharger version (2015 production)

Series climax! This time of struggle is the dome of death.
'15 Is the world turned into ashes by nuclear war. It will be held in the Thunder Dome in town to the rule of Empress Aunti entity
It was enthusiastic in one-to-one mortal combat. Max fell into the trap of Aunti which had asked the warrior. And I had waiting for him,
It was a struggle to bet the lives of the strongest Phantom of the master blaster!
A splendid performance of Tina Turner of Empress auditors called the topic "Mad Max" third series!


※ package design, specifications are subject to change.
Contents (than "Kinemajunposha" database)
Trilogy set of hard action that became the career work of Mel Gibson. "Mad Max," "to 2" and recorded all three works of the "~ / Thunder Dome". Original Max Yasuhara Yoshito dub unified version, also fit name dub-Suzuoki Hirotaka version of the phantom.
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby Uncle Entity » Sun May 17, 2015 3:51 am

Wondering if Thunderdome had been given a new transfer :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby Taipan » Sun May 17, 2015 4:05 am

Wouldn't it be amazing if we had an official "Lost Version" release? Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby Stamper » Sun May 17, 2015 4:48 am

New japanese dub appeal only to japanese people -- and true japanese movie fans probably don't give a shit about the dubbed versions as they would watch them in original language.
I don't see the point for us westerners in this new set. It's not like they included deleted scenes from MM
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby rockatansky4073 » Mon May 18, 2015 2:44 am

I might take a chance on this and just order it INCASE it has The Lost version.
I have 3 tape versions of that thing, but kept missing that bootleg dvd that was kicking round facebook about 10 years ago.
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby mrbill » Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:05 pm

When is the Release date for the japanese blu ray set ?
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby OzRedMonkey » Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:51 am

It appears this is already on sale in Japan, as there seems to be some new reviews on the Amazon page. However they are of course in Japanese, so I've put a couple through Google Translate, and below is an example of what I got:

The ginger not Speaking of topic-making is poor ... not Well ginger for capacity as facilitator's "bird Miki" is not enough, or it is not on the side to produce a movie about this?

So I guess we'll just wait to hear Peter's opinion!
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby Peter Barton » Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:32 pm

I think this has been posted elsewhere, but the various "versions" just appear to be the audio dubs.

The Mad Max disc has the US dubbed English or the Australian English, plus various foreign language tracks, and subtitle tracks. The only extra is a trailer.

The Mad Max 2 disc again has various foreign language / subtitle tracks, I'd need to run a comparison against the US discs to tell you what's different here, but it is likely just some extra Japanese tracks. It has the Leonard Maltin intro (but no "Chase Continues"?), and a trailer.

Haven't put Thunderdome in yet, but I expect much of the same. Thunderdome has always had the least release variations of any of the films, so I honestly don't expect to see anything new.

There were obviously the photos (postcard size) as well, I haven't opened those up yet, but will post a pic when I do. I'd only be looking at getting the set if you are a completist, there's unfortunately not any new material to be had here that I could find.
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Re: New Japanese Blu-ray set

Postby MFP 2020 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:44 am

Thanks for taking the hit.
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