Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby draknoir2 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:47 am

1. MM - The Interceptor rollout and the Toecutter rundown scenes still make me well up with tears of joy.

2. RW - MM1 and 2 are nearly tied. Love them both for completely different reasons. Opening chase was awesome, as were the Feral Kid and Wez.

3. FR - Amazing FX and stunts, but was lacking in something the first two had... Max. More of a "Min". Missed opportunities and I don't care for the "spinoff episode" feel of it.

4. BT - The post apocalyptic Romper Room, PG rating, and attempt at 80's mass appeal ruined it for me. Some memorable scenes and quotes, though. Tina Turner was great.
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby Taipan » Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:43 pm

This order might be blasphemous to some, but here we go:

1: RW - Best one of them all. Raw, perfectly orchestrated, great pacing, amazing music, great tone, vehicles, 10/10

2. FR - The world Miller created here just begs to be explained and the movie is just a snapshot from it which makes it awesome in itself. Although I'd prefer it to be shot in a more traditional way, not so over the top and without so much wackiness, which btw is somehow understandable, but some things... (Immortan Joe! *sped up closeup on Joe with engine reving sound*).

3. MMBT - Total decay of society was something I liked the most, the junkmobiles, how people coped in that world etc. But that only makes half of the movie, the other half is ... well meh.

4. MM - Yep, this one was the last one I saw from the original trilogy and by then it was dated and I couldn't understand how it would fit into this post-apocalyptic world that I associated Mad Max with. I was taken aback, not in a good way. The only consolation here is that Miller doesn't like that movie either and that's why he made RW in the first place (to fix all the things he got wrong). I guess if it wasn't for MM we wouldn't have this 'revisiting' of certain themes running all throughout the series, it's Miller's ongoing project to get his vision across as intended with Fury Road being the closest so far.


I recently watched Mad Max and it would be simply unfair to put it below MMBT. It is a slow movie, it's got its weak points, but overall it's not BAD bad. It's a decent flick. And with that it lands its place higher or at the same spot as MMBT for me. There.
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby Immortan Joecutter » Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:04 am

My personal ranking:

1. RW - do I need to explain ?.?

2. FR - almost perfect, Miller went wild and in my opinion this is the true sequel to Road Warrior

3. MM - I don`t think it`s dated. For me the film works perfect as a prequel story to RW.
The first Mad Max movie I saw was Road Warrior in 1982 in its original theatrical run and a few month later I got the chance to see Mad Max 1 in cinema.
( I assume, the cinema owner at that time was a Mad Max fan too )
After seeing RW I was eager to see the back story of Max and, not to forget, to see the INTERCEPTOR in its full glory filled my heart with joy !!

4. MMBT - to be honest: it was one of the most disappointing film experiences I´ve had in my life. (o.k. - beside Highlander 2 !!)
and even nostalgia feelings can´t convince me to change my opinion on that subject.
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby MadMatt » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:17 pm

The really funny part about all these movies is all 4 can stand alone! Isn't that weird? Or well pretty cool if you ask me! My Ranking is the most common I suppose I've always seen MM as the pure classic. Then road warrior as the pure fun car carnage, and beyond thunder dome as well..... completing Maxes story somewhat and no good action until the end but with no real edge to the whole movie (My four year old can watch almost whole movie uncensored lol). But now with Fury road in the mix well its pretty damn fun and the most fun I've had in the movies in years! Pretty much my new favorate and you can watch the first MM and then Fury road and it fits well that way. But like I said you can watch em in almost any order and get your fill of post war fun car carnage. So the real question is with 4 options, when you turn on your car stereo...What are you in the mood to hear?
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby Hetzer » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:45 am

1. Mad Max 2 - First MM movie I saw back in the days, still number one.
2. Fury Road - After 30 years this was really strong comeback, best movie that I have seen this year. And I'm diehard Avengers fan.
3. Mad Max 1 - Origins of the story, stille great although it shows some age now.

4. Thuderdome - Some good bits, mostly crap. I really don't wanna talk about this...
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby MFP_1138 » Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:42 am

1. Mad Max 2
2. Mad Max
3. Fury Road
4. Thunderdome

My reasoning....
1. One of the best action movies ever, with one of the best openings ever (from that initial camera pull out from the Weiand blower all the way until Max peels wheels before the fade out just before meeting the Gyrocaptain - awesome). Wez is an scene-stealing villain, the Gyrocaptain is a wonderful character.
2. The movie that gave us Max, the Interceptor is new and shiny, and that scene where Max is chasing the Toecutter and you can hear the Interceptor racing its engine still makes my adrenaline rush all these years later. The Toecutter is an awesome villain, Johnny the Boy is the perfect pain in the ass, and Bubba reminds me of a sinister Rob Halford.
3. A solid movie for a lot of reasons. I have some minor nitpicks, but overall it's awesomely chaotic and destructive.
4. I have really mixed feelings on Thunderdome. I always like it up to the point where Max discovers the children, and then (depending on my mood) I either like the rest, or think it's pretty stupid. There are times when I like the idea of Max having a moment of humanity and helping the kids (and thus their future being able to go on), and there are other times when I think he should have just stocked up on water, snuck back into Bartertown on his own, and ripped off a car or something to escape. The humor of Thunderdome is what kills it for me - it's too overdone. I liked the more subtle humor, such as when he is trying to start the chainsaw and then has to run away. And Iron Bar is no Wez.
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby ThobRom » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:24 pm

2, 1, 3, 4.

3 is obviously half a turd and FR is probably better with vastly better action and design.
But once I got past being blown away by its aesthetics and payed closer attention to the story and the dialogue and the politics,
it started to become an almost intolerably irritating experience.
And now I cant stop noticing it.

If I had to choose one between 3 and 4 to watch right now, I'd probably rather watch Thunderdome.
(That might change a few years from now.)
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby Mad_El Greco_Max » Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:30 am

Spitfire wrote:1 - Mad Max 1 / Mad Max 2

They tie for me... Mad Max 1 had more detailed characters, and the opening chase was by far the best... However MM2 had cool cars and better action sequences

2 - Fury Road

Not bad, had more original Mad Max influences than I anticipated, but didnt leave the same impression the others did (wont spoil it too much for those havnt yet watched)

3 - BT
I wouldnt say its bad, the character, Max is consistent across first 3 movies, but the theme in this one isnt. It could easily be watched as a stand alone film


I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately even though FR is still a pure adrenaline post-apocalyptic road rush, I wasn't impressed with Tom Hardy and/or his role. I know that going back in 1979 while watching Mad Max, some would have said the same for Mel, but I expected a more solid script on Max and a performance from Tom. I ended up 'bonding' more with Furiosa and leaving the cinema with the feeling that Furiosa was Max and Max was the equivalent Gyro captain.
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...

Postby scfc68 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:14 am

I agree; I think now the additional adrenaline rush is over re Fury Road, I think many of us will start to have a more balanced view and maybe even air one or two criticisms. I enjoyed it but it still ain't Mad Max 2. Not sure, that perfect sequel exists other than in my mind.
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Re: Rank The Quadrilogy In Order...(Spoliers)

Postby PL-12Airtruk » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:16 pm

Mad Max 2 - 10/10 - Best film of the series for me. PERFECT story, characters, vehicles and action. A little padded out in places but still leaves you wanting more
which is what a great movie should do. Trend-setting film that sets a standard not broken to this day.

Mad Max - 8/10 - Incredibly original story and setting thats still a jaw dropper. The only reason this one is not 10/10 is because the farm scene is too long,
we needed to get Max into the "revenge" sooner by about 10 minutes I believe, this allows more of the Interceptor as I'm sure we all agree on would
be a good thing. Some more scenes like Max taking care of the low-ranked henchmen would have been a good way to lead into whats already there.
A post-trauma scene with Fifi would have been a good addition but hey, it was the first film and who knew what was going to happen...Best music
score of the four films!

Mad Max: Fury Road - 7/10 - As many have said it here before, it didn't leave the impression that the others did but it will be a frequent DVD viewing
due to the "reinvention" of the genre. Had the narrative kept going forward (i.e. the chase not done a u-turn, bog scene) and had there been a better
climax / Immorton Joe Death it would easily be a 10/10. Music score and other technicals are fantastic and a great overall addition to the series.
Just a pity Max didn't drive away in the Interceptor at the end...the old Max would have been after a vehicle, weapons, fuel and supplies as any
apocalypic survivor would - I was quietly quoting a line from another MM film at this point - "you had it all, you must have tasted it."

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - 5/10 - Pitched at the "Star Wars" audience was the main downfall here. But still a great Mel Gibson performace,
Tina Turner was outstanding, Dean Semler photography was one of his best films and the final chase / ending (actually better than MM4) was the film's
saving grace. Still entertaining but tends to leave me wondering "why wasn't this better?"

It's been very intersting to read others opinions and ratings on this thread, they seem relatively consistant among the fan following.
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