A MAD MAX Fury Road fanart of me

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A MAD MAX Fury Road fanart of me

Postby Gigahorse » Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:57 am

Hello everybody, I am a new member and just a newbie to Mad Max universe. After watched Mad Max Fury Road three weeks ago, I have been impressed by the movie from then until now and maybe it will be the movie of my heart from now on :D I also watched Mad Max,Mad Max the road warrior and Mad Max beyond thunderdome. Nevertheless, I know that there are many many things I dont know about Mad Max,so I keep learning.

This is one of my Mad Max Fury Road fanart. I laugh at this scence :lol: and love how the metal mask suit him. I have more fanart but I think it is too weird to show here, however you can see it in my gallery http://maha-ma.deviantart.com/

(I usually use "Maha ma" as my pen name. In thai language "Maha" means "Great" and "ma" means "horse". That's why I use the name Gigahose from Immortan Joe's marvellous vehicle here. I like the vehicle and It suit my old pen name :D )

Thank you for visiting my topic !
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