An idea for a story.

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An idea for a story.

Postby Snakebite » Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:52 am


I'm planning on putting together a story, set between Mad Max and The Road Warrior. Obviously a lot changes in the three or so years between the films, so I wanted to explore and speculate on what society (if there's any left) in the world of Mad Max is like. Obviously the protagonist will be Max and I have a vague idea for the antagonists, but does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Any possible advice?
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Re: An idea for a story.

Postby Taipan » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:17 pm

I'd say follow what Terry Hayes and George Miller had come up with for the period between MM and MM2, which is:

Cities became uninhabitable due to looting and violence. People started escaping the cities into the outback to find refuge there. Other people living in the outskirts of started building their own vehicles to roam for resources. Home made dune buggies, modified cars, bikes. As they were roaming the outback it became apparent that they had to form gangs, small at first. Smaller gangs would be incorporated into bigger gangs under the rule of authoritarian figures like Humungus.

Based on that I'd love to see the struggle of regular people vs newly formed gangs. In particular the story of the Rig that Max stumbles upon at the beginning of MM2. I'm 100% sure that this truck was part of a convoy of people escaping the cities, but it was greatly unfit for what was to come. The cars that Max passes during the opening chase were part of that convoy too and those cars were full of regular household items, cars themselves weren't fit for the outback either. And so they were hunted down easily. The truck made it further but ultimately was ran off the road too, and again it had a whole bunch of home appliances and furniture in the back, clearly someone packed their bags and ran from their home, in an organized attempt, albeit ill fated. What if those guys actually knew about Pappagallo, maybe the compound was their destination? Maybe they were Papagallo's family? Maybe some other people from his company that found out about his plan? What if those were other high ranking CEO's of 7 sisters petroleum in Australia that had it good but they failed miserably when they wanted to save themselves? There's a huge area for creativity here. BTW, I'm copyrighting that whole idea in case I decide to write a story about that myself:) But it gives you a pretty good idea how you can approach this topic.
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Re: An idea for a story.

Postby MWFV8 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:35 am

The opening chase convoy wreck in RoadWarrior is one of the elements of Mad Max I'd love to see some fan fiction about. The history of the crashed plane in Thunderdome would be good too.

Personally, I think a really good arc would be to start off with a city MFP officer who eventually becomes one of the bad cops in RoadWarrior. Basically a dark version of Max who becomes so bitter and twisted they end up a marauder.

I'm currently writing a TV pilot which is a spinoff of the MFP concept. It's good to get these ideas out of our heads and onto paper.
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Re: An idea for a story.

Postby Snakebite » Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:14 am

Thanks for the posts so far. I'm getting a better idea of the setting and the plot. I was thinking that Max gets caught up (as he often does) between a group of former MFP officers and the first of the crazies to come out of the cities and break out into the Wasteland.

The MFP officers could possibly be the precursors to the Gayboy Berserkers in RW, but for now they'd still be trying to help out the innocent and defenseless as they were trained to, although obviously with the country now a lawless war-zone they're fighting a losing battle and with limited resources, it's a struggle just to survive.

I've been thinking of a lot about the antagonists. I really want them to bridge the gap between Toecutter's crew and The Humungus' Vermin, both in terms of appearance and attitude. The Acolytes in the first film are really little more than a group of bandits who kill and pillage because they can, while Humungus' men are more like a small army, with rankings and caste systems. I'd aim to balance between that, with the chief antagonist being a man of vision going by the alias of Marko the Axe, who sees the Wasteland as a new frontier that he can plunder and take for himself. The rest of his crew would be made up of the mentally unstable, the dispossessed and the hedonistic trash of the Old World, who'd be the first to start looting and the first to take themselves out into the wilderness.

I'm still thinking on the potential appearance of the characters, particularly the antagonists. Obviously Max would be dressed similarly to how he is in RW, the former MFP would be geared up like Goose was in MM with the makeshift gauntlets and shinguards, but with the antagonists, there's plenty you could do with them. In MM, only the Toecutter resembles what would come in RW, with his furred epaulettes, eye makeup and snake-tongue helmet. Come RW, you have people in kangaroo pelts, shoulder pads, military fatigues and lots and lots of leather, amongst many other things. I've got some ideas, such as Snakebite's right-hand man (the 'Wez' of the story) being dressed in little more than torn up shorts and a bandolier, but nothing's set in stone.

As for the vehicles, they'll mostly be what you'd expect. Max would have a significantly grimier Interceptor, the former MFP would be using the old yellow, blue and red models (although some of them would be on bikes) while the villains would have a suitably diverse set of wheels. A few bikes, some dune buggies, a couple of modified muscle cars and an imposing, heavily armoured pick-up truck as The Axe's personal ride.

Let me know what you think. I'm putting together a little preamble for it.
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