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Re: Anyone excited for the new Blade Runner ?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:26 pm
by biolumen
Saw it last night, and I agree with IJ. The 3rd act doesn't measure up to the first two, but overall I found the story engrossing. As expected, the visuals were amazing. Perhaps a bit murkier than the first movie, but that didn't bother me....until the end. I thought the performances were great, particularly Gosling. Much like in the movie Drive, he's able to express a range of emotions just through a quiet look. And, he's not phoning this performance in at all. One of the best of his in recent years imo.

That said, the villain played by Jared Leto was poorly written, and Leto hams it up big time. But that's what Leto does. Check out his Joker in Suicide Squad. Yikes. And the movie runs a bit long, which probably wouldn't have been an issue if the 3rd act held up better.

Pretty amazing they made this movie, and that it turned out better than I would have ever expected. A shame it tanked at the box office.