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Postby DetritusMaximus » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:17 pm

ydx7 wrote:Like I was asking about Mustangs, is the largest engine that much better, or is it just overkill? Of course I don't want something that is underpowered. Is there some kind of magic ratio of displacement or hp to curb weight to tell if a car is under-/decent-/over-powered?

Chevy Impala. There were a bunch of these for sale with the 3.5L v6. There are bigger engines, but I didn't find any with them. That being said, it seems to have a good diasplacemnet to car size ratio. For comparison, the '93 Taurus I had had the 3.8L v6.

I know it is a moot point now, but I figured a few more cents in in case someone else reads this.

In the Mustang, the larger engine is that much better, at least in the 05-09 years. Is it overkill?...probably, but it is wonderously fun overkill. I have recently driven a friends 09 v6 with the Ford Racing package that adds 15 hp for a total of 215hp. It is...spritely. Good for a daily driver, but I would not buy one if my preferred choice is a v8. It would be a daily disappointment.

There is a big difference between the 3.8v6 used in the older Mustang (pre 05) and the 93 Tuarus and a more up to date v6 like the 3.5 in the Impala. The 3.5/3.6 v6's GM currently makes are the grandchildren of the old 60* V6 in the S10 and Fiero of the 80's. In between were the 3.4 overhead cam models used in the 90's Camaros. The current versions are noted for an almost unbelievable power output given their humble beginnings. It would be more like comparing the Ford 3.8 (whose design dates back to late 60's and the current 300hp 3.7 v6. Very different animals.

I think you will like the Impala.
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need some car advice

Postby RafaelJer » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:14 pm

The traffic police in Melbourne arent something you want to become too familiar with. Theres also the fairly strict rules about what you can and cant do as far as modifications go. Its been a while since I got a car registered in QLD, but I remember having no trouble getting a RWC with bald tires etc.

Anyway, as far as employment in this kind of area, try doing it part time intially, or just one offs. Its not exactly a high demand job. With some pictures of previous work, youll find it a lot easier to get new work. The other option is getting into a similar industry that does custom fab on the side. Youll be able to use your skills in a more steady line of work, while still being able to be creative from time to time as custom work comes up.
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