Mad Max Fury Road Black & Chrome special Screening

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Mad Max Fury Road Black & Chrome special Screening

Postby Mad_Jim » Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:45 am

Hi Guys,

Haven't been on here much due to FURY ROAD had come and gone but had a cool thing I wanted to share with you, it's not amazing by any means but cool all the same.

I went a special screening of Black & Chrome a few months ago at Pinewood Studios and it had a Q and A with Iain Smith the producer and we got to ask him a few question before the film started.

It was a great experience but I wanted to know if the movie wasn't reboot or a remake then what was it? the reason I asked is purely because the Interceptor was in the movie and we all know that blew up in The Road Warrior, so I asked him that very question why is the Interceptor in the movie? he went silent and said errrr "I don't know" and every burst out laughing!

The person that was holding the Q and A was a guy from a movie website called HeyUguys and he asked me the question "why do you think it was in the movie" and I said I always think that every mad max movie is from someone's perspective of Max like the feral kid from the road warrior, Because that was his story, it could of happened another way and maybe in his version the interceptor didn't blow up and maybe MAX did escape and he thought that was a good idea but Iain then went on to say that FURY ROAD is not a sequel or a prequel it is its own movie which I found a tad confusing surely thats a reboot?

I also said that a fan theory was that this MAX was actually the Feral kid in this version but he didn't really answer my question on that one kinda moved on, I think it was oh ok .

Someone mentioned there should be a Feral Kid movie as well but then he went to talk about how it work to pitch ideas like that and that NETFLIX is the easiest as you only have to go to one board of people to sell your movie but with big budget Hollywood movies you have to sell it to many studios and tons of meetings ect.. which i thought was interesting.

Someone asked about the black and white, and said why can't i just turn the colors to black and white on my TV, which was a fair point, Iain (the producer) said each frame was changed scene by scene with different shades and tones so you wouldn't be able to do that on your TV. again interesting as that went through my mind as well.

I got to shake Iain's hand on the way out and said thank you.

Again not the most amazing of posts but thought you might like to know.

Ive attached a photo of the Q and A below with Iain Smith the Producer.

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