My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part Two)

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Re: My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part Two)

Postby TheDarkOne#1 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:09 pm

Taipan wrote: Yes it makes sense since Immortan created a 'car religion'. Yes it makes sense for cars to be in polished bare metal, everything makes sense but somehow in a Mad Max world it doesn't seem fit for me. I remember the first time I saw the Gigahorse and immediately dogged on it for looking cartoonish. Most of those cars have jacked rears and off road tyres. The War Rig looks mean but it looks like it's a military truck at its core, it didn't have that Australian Mack road rig feel from RW. I don't know, it's hard for me to explain but cars from Road Warrior were much more about the car culture than Fury Road cars that are about cartoonish car culture, do you know what I mean?

I think the main thing here is that the car aspect of the first 2 movies was strictly Byron Kennedy's ballpark. He loved Australian car culture and it showed in Mad Max and Mad Max 2. The way it carried over to MMBT was logical and I liked it because it was utilitarian. But there was no Kennedy's supervision, there was no additions. I kid you not I the things I look for the most in MMBT cars are the rims and the rear bumper on the Cow Car because those seem to be throwbacks to actual cars we saw in other Mad Max movies. But in Fury Road it looks like Miller wanted to push the design of those cars in a completely different direction...

Look, they may have twin blowers, skulls everywhere, jacked rear suspensions, flamethrowers and harpoon guns but it's just a little too over the top for me. Even fully understanding the motives of War Boys and their love for mechanical things, cars. To compare it to RW again, in RW the cars felt like really taken from that existing car culture and they were shoved into a dystopian reality. In FR it's as if War Boys took inspiration from comic books. It doesn't exactly fly with me.

Having all said that, I don't dislike the cars in Fury Road, it's just that they don't make such a big impression on me, those cars are trying a little too hard for my taste. And the car that I like the most I think is going to be the off road Holden HZ Ute. Looks normal :)
The cartoonish look of FR cars is more appealing for todays youth i guess. Which is a large group of the movies demographic. Car culture these days is taking things to extremes.

Dinki Di wrote:A beast like that would be loud, there's no way Max and Furiosa would be having quiet conversations like they do in the cab, they'd be yelling at each other to be heard over that thing. But, it's bizarre the makers said they wanted the War Rig to be a "main character" too, and didn't give it some kind of roar or growl or anything to add to its personality. I can see why some shots needed it to be silent, but there's so many outside shots where you just don't hear much at all and that sucks.

Funny that you mention that. I had to do some minor repairs on my car which included changing the gasket of the exhaust manifold. Thought it would be funny to start it without the exhaust. It was ridiculously loud, could probably hear it from a mile away. So all these straight piped cars in the mad max universe wouldn't allow for alot of incar dialog. :D
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Re: My Thoughts On Fury Road (Part Two)

Postby MWFV8 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:11 am

Taipan wrote:I don't know, I think I might be the only one who absolutely loathes the sound of the War Rig.

Why does this truck sound like a fucking Pod Racer? It doesn't convey power at all. Case in point - when the car carrier closes in on the War Rig you can hear it's awesome turbo and it really sells the idea that it's a huge truck hauling a whole bunch of heavy stuff behind it, and it also sounds realistic.

On the other hand whenever the camera focuses on the engine of the War Rig it does those weird wonky noises, it's either the Millenium falcon or some fading in and out hairdryer sound. Hell, even the Mack startup in MM2 sounded awesome without any over the top manipulation. I'll go even further - the sound of Max's camel wagon at the end of MMBT when it goes in front of the plane sounds heaps better than anything I could hear in Fury Road. In fact I was hoping for exactly that sound when the Razor Cola was about to smash into Max - a straight up dragster sound, but it just sounded like a pitched up V8 instead.

The moment where the Camel Wagon goes wide open throttle is momentous and stuck with me for decades.

I'm a huge big rig fan and the sound effects for the War Rig seemed all over the place to me. There's parts where it's blatantly the sound of a 6 cylinder turbo diesel, which is nice, but completely wrong. The thing should have sounded like something from a tractor pull. I suspect this may be because it actually did use the original diesel unit hidden under the v8's and maybe the sound effects people based the effects on what was heard on location.

But then we've got open header V8's that somehow blow flames through the redundant stacks :roll:
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