Further clues to Max's new backstory, from the video game

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Further clues to Max's new backstory, from the video game

Postby flightsuit » Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:27 pm

Obviously the video game is not canonical to the franchise, but the game incorporates so many Fury Road elements that, clearly, there was a tremendous amount of communication between George Miller and the game's creators at some point.


There's this character in the game called Griffa, and he's kind of a mystic/guru type. You visit him when you want to exchange tokens you've earned in order to upgrade Max's capabilities.

Yesterday I went to Griffa for some upgrades, and during the cut scene, he talked to Max about his survival training. I don't recall the exact dialogue, but it had to do with the idea that "they" trained him to survive, and that training now serves him well.

Thing is, police training only concerns itself with survival in a very narrow sense, i.e., surviving encounters with violent suspects. The gist of this conversation sounded much more like it was military training that was being discussed. And I'm sure you're all familiar with Tom Hardy's statements that Miller told him to play Max as if he were ex-military. I don't recall the exact quote, but I believe it might have been specifically about Max being former military police.

Also, in the game, I've recently found "history relics" that have described the activities of MP's, i.e., military police. Militias are also mentioned, but in a really bad light, like they were more akin to criminal gangs.

So anyway, all this, I think, supports the idea that maybe Fury Road's version of Max belonged to some kind of militarized police force that might have been significantly different from the MFP we all know and love.

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