Mad Max Fury Road Goodies

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Mad Max Fury Road Goodies

Postby carlisa » Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:01 am

Hello, I am not sure if I can post this here. If not please remove my post.
I have Mad max goodies for sale.
My husband worked in the post prod of the movie and got a bag (special bag from Namibia) with a picture frame with a truck and a cap.
If you are interested, please get in touch and I will send pics and $.
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Re: Mad Max Fury Road Goodies

Postby Artemis Flow » Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:50 pm

Try posting it on Ebay so we can be sure its legit and have somewhere secure to transact , sending money off into cyberspace isn't exactly ideal
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Re: Mad Max Fury Road Goodies

Postby tehCal » Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:36 am

What Artemis said! I'd be keen otherwise
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