Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

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Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby scfc68 » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:46 pm

Thought i'd ask a question that hasn't come up yet.

Now we've all had time to digest Fury Road and see it as part of a whole franchise too, what's your honest assessment?? Who makes the better Max? Tom Hardy or Mel Gibson?

I suspect us older bods will still go for Mel but I'm curious as to newer fans who maybe discovered the first 3 after Fury Road??

I think Hardy gives us a more action man Max, a greater physicality but I still think Mel brought a better acting performance. To me they are very different actors too. I don't think it's Tom's best work personally, compared to things like Bronson. For me, I think you can sense the weight of expectation and I think a second film will see Tom Hardy looking more comfortable
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby Nightwalker » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:18 pm

I have to say I'm of the old guard. I've seen the old(er) movies many times before Fury Road came out.
Coincidentally to this question, I've played FR again this evening, because I knew I am the only one in the whole houseblock. A building of four houses of witch 2 are empty and my only other neighbor is away for the weekend. So, I played FR again full throttle (Volume, I mean :D ).
Tom Hardy is not that bad, but I have to say I prefer Mel. The "panic" outbursts Max has several times during FR are not similar to the behavior of the original Max portrayed by Mel. In the "old" movies you see Max never get into such a panic outburst.
The original Max is a very sober and realistic person. He judges the situation when he sees it and acts accordingly. Always to ensure his own safety and things he needs.
The Max of FR acts more out of instinct to survive. So, he shows more "panic" attacks than the original.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby Taipan » Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:09 am

I can't decide who played Max better because Max as a character changed from one movie to the next.

People are saying Hardy's Max is grunting and acts disoriented but that's what has become of Max after all those years in the wasteland. I don't blame the actor, that's just evolution of the character. Max was a completely different person before he lost his family too. MM2 and MMBT's Max are quite similar to each other but he's more stoic and keeps his cool in MM2 while in MMBT you can see he's getting real tired of everyone's shit and he's already starting to show signs of what'll become of him in FR (flashbacks). Plus if you look at Max's very last scenes in FR where he's supposedly found his human side he's acting much more similar to Max in MM2.

So I don't know who played Max better, both actors had a different set of instructions on how to play him each time around so I don't think comparing both actors would be fair. Having said that I like MM2's Max the most because he kept his cool, was fresh off the tragedy and wasn't so hopelessly jaded, you could still see his human side and him coping with that (like in the scene after he punched Papagallo, he takes a minute to re-assess what he's done as a human being, but Papagallo's "you're out there with the garbage" is enough for Max to throw all his shit in the car and leave the compound).

I really liked Max in FR too because it showed how far off the deep end Max was. It's not Hardy's Bane speaking through that character, Max had become a wild animal, 30 years of crazy shit in the Wasteland and constant isolation will do that to you. It was awesome watching Max slowly pull himself out of that gutter. With all his PTSD twitches and stuff. Which BTW would play out exactly the same had Mel played Max, or maybe even more intense because Mel is a natural at this.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby MWFV8 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:56 am

For me Mel played a better Max, but he had a better Max to play.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby themanw/oaname » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:43 am

Taipan wrote:I can't decide who played Max better because Max as a character changed from one movie to the next.


i think mel played a great max in the movies he was in as max.
i think tom played a great max in the movie he was in as max.

frankly, i'm glad tom played him and i hope he does it again in a sequel. i interpret max as a legendary/mythical character that's a character in a story from the perspective of someone within the story; like savanna nix told about max in thunderdome; so when tom makes his three max movies someone else can come along and do just as great of a job when their time comes. it just helps give credence to how i enjoy the movies.

i WISH it was in some parallel story/continuity/whatever to explain how much more gruff tom was compared to thunderdome max, but frankly that also kind of helps the "story within a story" aspect of how i watch it too.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby Turbofurball » Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:20 am

I prefer Mel's small wiry melancholy portrayal in MM2, but there was no way he could have played Max in Fury Road. Nux fulfilled that character niche (with a side-order of the naivety of MM1's Max), and there wasn't room for more than one person like that in the film.

Hardy did the job well enough, and I can't think of anyone else more suited out of today's male actors.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby AquaCola » Tue Nov 24, 2015 3:49 pm

As someone said on this forum Road Warrior is a dog eat dog world where Max has become a wolf. I love how he's only out for himself, he is seconds away from slitting the Gyrocaptain's throat and just walks out of the compound with his car and gas without a care for the fate they will face at Lord Humongous's gang. Mel Gibson portrayal of Max is outstanding. You can really feel how broken he is from his movements,facial expressions and minimal dialogue.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby Mad Max RW » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:56 am

Tom Hardy's portrayal of Max is, for me, more engaging and realistic than Mel's portrayal in Beyond Thunderdome. I felt like the character in Fury Road is what he should have been. That said, nothing will be able to top Road Warrior. How Mel shows what he is feeling without saying it is perfect. Even the costume design and the few lines he has will forever remain iconic.
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby draknoir2 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:06 am

MWFV8 wrote:For me Mel played a better Max, but he had a better Max to play.


I think Tom Hardy could do an amazing job given the chance. As actors go he can pretty much become anyone... not likely to ever be typecast, unlike his showboating counterpart. :D
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Re: Anyone prefer Tom's Max to Mel's Max??

Postby rustycarr » Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:18 am

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