Furiosa in the 2004 Fury Road?

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Furiosa in the 2004 Fury Road?

Postby Dene » Tue Jun 30, 2015 12:54 pm

As they were just 11 weeks away from filming Fury Road in 2003 with Mel, according to George Miller, they must have put some thought into who would be playing Furiosa. Indeed, I'm surprised she wasn't cast with that short timescale.

Who did they think of, I wonder? Nicole Kidman? Cate Blanchett? A complete unknown (as they had Gibson?).

How about Peta Wilson, of TV show La Femme Nikita? She'd have been good I reckon - Australian, statuesque, gorgeous, used to the action genre.

Anyone have any info on the casting for the version that never was, other than Mr. G?
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