Lol joke posts praising Immortan Joe

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Lol joke posts praising Immortan Joe

Postby Uncle Entity » Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:17 am

On IMDB: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

"Immortan Joe snuffed it? The poor guy. He was a great ruler for the time and circumstances in which the film took place, not for our time, which is what a lot of people overlook.

He created an empire and kept a civilisation running in a land where order was none existent. He kept peace and had the best possible protection for his people. He also left the best of the city’s offerings (shelter, water, clothing etc.) to his spouses who and remained free from harm and disease. All was well

Then the transvestite male whom Joe had employed and even made a captain of a rig and squad KIDNAPPS his wives right from under his nose. Not only that, he…she…it then brainwashes his wives into thinking he is some evil dictator and that they must FIGHT HIM for giving them the life of luxury that he has. And how does she…he…it decide to fight? By running away of course, knowing full well that a huge chase will occur in which a lot of innocent and naïve war BOYS will die.

Joe of course has no idea why she…he…it has kidnapped his wives. With his knowledge of the water and oil wars, she could be a crazed cannibal who plans on eating his wives and unborn children! Poor Joe! What must he have been going thought mentally during the chase? It’s no wonder he didn’t reply to any of the cheap shots that the bullet farmer and gas town man where throwing at him – he was too busy thinking about his “treasures”.

He then calls off the chase after the male transvestite causes the tragic death (which he is shown to have tried to stop) of his wife and unborn child and only interrupts his mourning after realising she…he…it is heading to the citadel. Who knows how many deaths she will cause there? Joe knows the minds of women are simple – they think with their hearts instead of their brains. He knows she…he…it will unleash all the water and supplies which will run out immediately, causing chaos and the eventual downfall of the citadel.

Then the wife-kidnapper rips his face off and takes out half of his war BOYS, not before his corpse is unjustly ripped apart by the village idiots who didn’t appreciate his intelligent methods.

There should be like an extra bank holiday for the death of Joe or something. Sad time…"

"Those war boys are fed, clothed, given cars to drive around, and even blood from captured vagabonds, Joe has given them a better life than they could ever dream of, their parents should be grateful.
and we don't know for sure they weren't born in the citadel, there are wind turbines and vegetation on the tops of those mountains, the workers for which had to come from somewhere, and those peasants don't look as though they have any marketable skills...
Not saying the war boys aren't born of peasants, that makes sense too since they're expendable cannon fodder."

"Joe Needed healthy fertile women to birth his heirs, and did as much as he could to make them comfortable, but nothing is good enough? His legacy should simply end?
Hideous appearance or not, that was never going to be an option Joe would accept.

And you're the one who brought up Hitler, if you want to make comparisons and discuss their differences and similarities I have no problem with doing so.
But like I said, Hitler is no Immortan Joe.
And wasn't it the Vuvalini who wanted to exterminate a certain group one bullet at a time? Give those ladies a gas chamber and see what happens."

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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