Magical Mad Max (SPOILERS..and DRUGS..?!)

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Magical Mad Max (SPOILERS..and DRUGS..?!)

Postby floatingopera » Tue May 19, 2015 2:58 pm

Magical Mad Max (Fury Road):
By L•X  Degtyarev

'Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 Australian post-apocalyptic action thriller[7] film directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller, and the fourth film of Miller's Mad Max franchise. The first film of the franchise in 30 years, Fury Road stars Tom Hardy as "Mad" Max Rockatansky, making it also the first Mad Max film not to feature Mel Gibson in the title role. The film also stars Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult as War Boy Nux.


'Spit is the universal solvent.' 

-unknown source

Like in a dream to win your redemption and to find out the name of your savior you must turn around and walk into the mouth of darkness that haunts you- into your own madness. You must face the nightmare of memories, the ones you remember and the ones you don't. You must overcome the state of 'survival.'  You must slow down. You must evolve!

Love is based on luck, and life on circulation.

Wether love has found us or lost us; it will implicate us in its court. Some say opposites atract but upon closer inspection we find that like atracts like so that there could be a great collision and fireball. 

The character Imperator Furiosa has atracted the character of Mad Max. Essentially they are alike right down to their mechanically assited apendages (in the case of Max it's his right leg). 

Max is the blood bank: the indistinguishable heart of the the new Mad Max film and Furiosa is the Lungs of the film. She's the oxygen that you need when you are trapped under sand or lost in a dream. 

Our luck is that Max survives catastrophe after catastrophe (the way we do in dreams), and that the shotgun pressed against Max's chin misfires when Furiosa pulls the trigger. It is not yet time to awaken. 

 To find peace, 'the Green Place' don't go running to greener pastures but face the reality and the demons in front of and behind you. It's either salt flats and the unknown expanse or turn around  and face what we collectively know is stalking us.  This film is telling us that we must try to defeat all the monsters that haunt us. The monsters that chase Max, Furiosa and the brides, are all horribly mutated in some way, physically and psycologically. There is a strong contrast between the chased and the persuers as there normaly is. We the viewers, identify ourselves with the ones running away. 

Our hopes of escape are sick nightmare. We don't know our real ancestors anymore so we run to a place we think we came from- some imaginary safe place. 

It turns out that the 'Green Place' is a quagmire haunted by ravens and monsters on stilts. Hope is the place where you loose traction and your wheels get stuck in the mud. Hope leaves you at the mercy of a blind man's machine gun fire in the fog. 

Survival demands sacrifice. Evolution demands the understanding and acceptance of this sacrifice. Max knows all this, he's been through it before. It's a reaccuring nightmare for him. 

The Sacrifice of Mad Max: Blood, Water, Milk, Oil, and Blood again. 

The Cycles of  Birth and Rebirth.

Each one of these substances demands' its own purity. Each one demands distillation. 

Mad Max is the vessel of distillation: his blood gives new life to the 'faceless' soldier War Boy Nux indoctrinated with suicide for reward (Chromed out Valhalla) . Max's blood gives him the ability to love (if only for a moment). 

Max drinks the water which the rescued wives of Immortal Joe are bathing in and henceforth helps these wives of despotic Immortal Joe go on a journey, a new trajectory so that they may find their own identity. 

Max drinks the milk of the mother's collective teats. This further supports the bond between him and Furiosa and 'womanhood' who can give life and taketh it (and the thirsty eternal child in us all).
Max washes blood off his face in the bucket of milk not knowing what it is. Furiosa must translate that Max washes in mother's milk and that the blood on his face and hands is that of the enemy. 

This baptism in mother's milk is a symbol of empathy: Max decided to risk his personal safety to protect the women (even though in the past he had failed to protect others), by this act he commits to his own empathy, but his rebirth is not yet complete. 

He must swill high octane gasoline spitting it into the blowers of a V8 engine to outrun his own V8 Interceptor now being manned by the army of Immortal Joe. He growls 'that's mine!' but realizes that he must shed the final most important material thing that he no longer owns anyway- the last emmotional vestige that links him to his 'V8 security blanket.' 

The Interceptor is then crunched up between the two rigs in an ultimate shedding of his previous identity. There's more than just survival in play now. Max's transformation is almost complete.

But first he must give this new free-blood to Furiosa who is dying from a stab wound to her lungs. He is able to revive her and complete their union forming the amalgam of the 'other third' -his blood is her blood and vice versa.

Now to consummate the magic he must disappear, he must make this dream that of the spectator and that is what he does. He walks away as the masses rush towards the torrent of water pouring from the Skull's mouth emblazoned on the Citadel. Furiosa is now the people's champion. Like in a magic trick the great reveal is the sheet pulled off the gruesome corpse of Immortal Joe.  Max has accomplished his personal salvation. He has shed light on the farce/curse of immortality perpetrated on the people. 

He has spit in the eye of fatalism. 

The final act of the dreamer is to wake up. 

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