Turn Signals

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Turn Signals

Postby ydx7 » Thu May 03, 2007 4:41 am

Oops! Image I know there is some guy here from StL. He's the one with the MM-inspired Mach 1.

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Turn Signals

Postby scummy » Tue May 08, 2007 8:50 am

Quote: Originally posted by cobra on 03 May 2007

Hey Scummy, i havent been to Sydney in a while with a B double but for memory if the car is behind the A trailer tris, then you have the right away, if its in front of the tris, then you have to wait an let him pass. I would imagine with a single it would work on behind the bogie on the primemover.

Melbourne, yes I have learnt down there, that the other truckies have pushed there limits, but the car drivers have caused that attitude! go get em Kenworth!

now here in WA i drive a triple road train to Broome on a regular basis. and car drivers an those dam caravans absolute poop them selves when they realize your about to pass them with a truck thats 173 feet long and very very heavy and the best part is if the the car tries to mess with you well its easy just to slap him with that third trailer! hehe.

regards Grant

G,day Grant , i'm not sure of the who's got right of way as far as where they are positioned beside me , it's just as easy to let them go as the paper work is huge as you would know and I get very angry when I get a scratch on the unit ! When i drove interstate to victoria in the 70's the cars were allways curtious but times change . Caravans and a road train , yes that's a good combo their a pain with a single let alone a triple !Cheer's .
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