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Mad Max Novelisations

There were novelisations produced for all 3 films, with the first two books being printed multiple times.  Below is a list of all of the printings I currently know of:

Max Max

Circus Books, ISBN 0 82826 037 
First printing, March 1979.

Mad Max

QB Books, ISBN 0 7255 1872 3
Reprinted 1985.

Mad Max 2

QB Books, ISBN 0 7255 1183 4
First printed 1982
Reprinted 1982
Reprinted 1985 (with pictures all moved to a centre set of pages, instead of interspersed throughout).

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

QB Books, ISBN 0 7255 1873 1
First printed 1985.

All books published by QB Books in Australia were distributed by:

Progress Publications,
506 Miller Street,
Cammeray, 2062.

Bear in mind that these books were last published more than 20 years ago, so your best bet may be to try a second hand book dealer. I have not actually attempted to contact the publishers directly myself.


Mad Max Graphical Novelisations

There was a story / picture book produced for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Information not currently available.


Other Mad Max Reference Books

35mm Dreams: Conversations with Five Directors about the Australian film revival.

By Sue Mathews, published by Penguin Books, ISBN 0 14 00 6709 4.

Out of print - But you can try back ordering it through Amazon, they do seem to get a copy from time to time.

The Mad Max Movies

By Adrian Martin, published by Currency Press (Australian Screen Classics Series).

This book was launched on May 23rd 2003 (Melbourne) / May 25th 2003 (Sydney). Adrian Martin is currently the film critic for The Age newspaper in Melbourne, among a variety of other credits. Further information on the launch events and on the book itself can be found at the Currency Press web site. You can purchase the book online through Amazon (USA) or Fishpond (in Australia).



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