Over the years, a number of Mad Max sites have appeared on the web, with each web master providing their insight and thoughts on the films in their own individual way. As time passes, sites evolve, and from time to time some sites disappear, for a variety of reasons. Presented here are some specific sites which have appeared in the past, and for which those of us who have been around for a while still make reference to. For whatever reason, the authors of these sites below ceased maintaining them - although, to my knowledge, none of the sites below were ever actively stopped by their authors or taken down. People simply moved on, or for whatever reason no longer updated these pages, eventually resulting in the pages themselves disappearing from the web.

For the very reason that each of these pages contained particular thoughts or information that is still referenced by fans today, I have reinstated them online here, as a historical reference. As much as possible, the pages are unaltered from their original form, with changes only made where required from a technical perspective to keep the pages intact and functional. Note that in many cases, the archived sites below will contain web and email links which are no longer valid. For cases where there is a valid replacement currently active, I will consider making a correction to the archived copy, but I won't otherwise be editing these pages.

If one of these pages is yours, please feel free to contact me. In most cases I've attempted to contact the original authors of these pages over the years, and received no response - my assumption being that people have simply moved on, and potentially even lost the ability to update these sites. If a site is yours, and you don't want it online any longer, please just let me know, and it will be removed from the archives.


Alex Maddison's Mad Max Chronology

Alex Maddison's Mad Max Chronology

Alex's page appeared online very early on, and put together a chronology of the events of the Mad Max world, based on the films, books, scripts - any available sources of information. Alex's page was highly regarded and often referenced, and was updated from its start in 1996 through to 1999. Beyond this, Alex did not update further, and did not appear to respond to emails - he appeared to move on for whatever reason, and never moved the page. The page remained online for quite some time regardless (quite a few years), until eventually the ISP where it was hosted cleared it away, as the account there was clearly no longer active.

If Alex is still out there, or if anyone knows how to reach him, please feel free to get in contact.


Mug's Mad Max Page (Mugino Saeki)

Mug's Mad Max Page

When the Mad Max Movies site was new (along with most of the web itself at that point), Mugino was one of the very first to get in contact with me. Looking again at her page now, it covered early on a variety of information than I had yet to cover myself on madmaxmovies.com - and there's certainly still information contained within her pages that has not been put online elsewhere. Mugino took time to forward me a variety of information back in the early days, and is responsible for some of the bits and pieces still found hidden around my site.

Beyond that, again, Mugino eventually ceased updating her site, and did not appear to receive emails sent back to her old addresses. I still like to reference this site because it truly was one of the first ones out there, and I'd love to hear back from the author some time if she's still out there, somewhere... 


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