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madmaxmovies.com, also known as the Mad Max FAQ, is a fan site, created and maintained by me, Peter Barton. I grew up in Melbourne through the 1970's, during the same era in which Mad Max was made, and in the beginning that was my association to the films. Through the many years of running the site I've spoken with countless other fans, and it has always interested me that so many fans are brought to the films through so many different reasons - they really are stories and settings that have won a universal appeal.

The page started out originally as my own research into the first film, and wanting to learn more about the cars, and the filming locations. Growing up in Melbourne, much of the first film was shot on my own back door step, as it were. At this point with the site, clearly there is now so much more information on here due to the countless contributions from other fans, worldwide. There's obviously no way I could have ever compiled everything that is on here single handed, I just try to collect everything together as best I can, and put it together in a meaningful way. I also still do further research myself wherever possible, and am always adding material to the site, one way or another. 


Keeping The Site Up to Date

The amount of time I have available to dedicate to the site depends largely on other influences, such as family, work and other commitments. Some months I stay pretty much on top of things, and answer email promptly and keep the page updated. Other months I don't have enough time, and some things just have to be pushed aside until I find time to catch up. I can only apologise that sometimes things don't make it online in a timely manner, and that some of the older sections of the site are in need of some spring cleaning. Please do contact me if you have something to add, it is always great to have new material to add to the site, for all the other fans. For general discussion, please also check out the discussion forum, for a wide variety of fans and topics! 


Questions and Emails 

Unfortunately, due to SPAM, I don't publish an email address directly these days. You can get in touch via the contact form, please do be aware that not 100% of email gets through, for a variety of reasons. If you have emailed me in the past and not gotten a reply, please give me another chance, and maybe try a resend. If you still get no reply, perhaps try to grab my attention via the discussion forum.

On that, if you really just want to ask some general questions, I really do encourage you to use the discussion forum. A lot of the fans in there can answer many of the questions just as easily as I can. And obviously I'm NOT the expect in all areas that I may appear to be! Quite often I'm emailed questions about cars, computer games and so on, which I don't have enough knowledge about myself to directly answer - remember, a variety of material on the site gets contributed by others, so I may not know the answer to everything.


Some Statistics

For those who are interested, here are some brief statistics for the site (these are as of June 2001, noting that these may have been measured inaccurately on my old ISP, and I will post some 2009 stats sometime soon).

Sessions per day: 1750

Page views per day: 6300

Data transfer per month: 60GB

The stats are pretty rough, it's really hard to get any kind of useful breakdown, such as the unique number of people dropping by, etc.


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